About bawbaw


A strong brand is vital to any business. There’s something about the telling of a good story, it stays with you and remains strong and embedded in the history of the company. A good brand story is found in every element of a business, internally and externally. It is found in business promises, typeface, social media accounts, and especially the brand logo. We work closely with you to create an identity that becomes a visual representation of your personality & values. We ensure that your brand is consistent throughout all of your printed and digital marketing. We specialize in creating, developing, and renovating brands.


A story cannot move forward even though it is well-packaged and designed. It needs to be told. At BAW BAW, we understand the value of Advertising as an important tool for telling one’s story. We create jingles, print ads, TVC’s, corporate videos. We also offer media planning and buying services to help you reach out to the highest number of people in your brand’s target group and often enough, to have the advertising message seen and remembered.

Web Services

We provide an extensive range of web services from concept to execution: basic HTML websites to dynamic CMS websites, from static to e-commerce websites, from custom websites to responsive websites. We offer guidance to set up blogs, newsfeeds and also provide help in acquiring domains. We can also help you understand your site’s traffic better by using data tracking tools. Since more and more people browse the web on the go, mobile and tablet optimization is crucial to the success of your website. This is why we make sure your site is fully optimized for all mobile and tablet devices. We make sure the web works for you.
bawbaw’s ETHOS

In this dynamic world of branding, designing and technology we try to initiate, innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We have a simple approach – listen to our clients; understand their audience; solve their problems. We believe in designs with character and relevance. BAWBAW’s ethos is to diffuse and illustrate any kind of information and to produce effective and captivating design solutions, underpinned to conceptual thinking, meticulous attention to detail and innovative production. We pride in designing brands with intelligent implicitly with well though-through ideas that are simple, beautiful and effective.

From Print to Digital, Bawbaw offers various types of services.